Gemological Science Intl.GSI provides gemstone identification, grading & testing services, research & educational programs to the diamonds, gemstone & jewelry trade.www.gemscience.netFor more information please visit: links: ➥ GSI➥ Gemological Science International➥ GSI vs. GIA➥… Read More

Gemological Science International, or GSI, is an independent gemological organization that is one of the largest gemological entities in the world, with offices in four continents.Founded in New York City in 2005 by Mark Gershburg and Debbie Azar, GSI's laboratory division provides diamond and gemstone grading and identification services as well as… Read More

Gemologocal Science International (GSI) Co-Founders Debbie Azar and Mark Gershburg discuss the importance of educating the end consumers about Diamond Grading.For more information visit useful links:➥ Gemological Science International Youtube Channel➥ GSI vs. GIA➥ Diamond grade➥ Diamond grading➥ official website:… Read More

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